Localwise Product Interview

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

The smartest way to find a local job

"Localwise is made for local businesses to find local hires. We offer a unique pool of active applicants and deliver transparency to both job seekers and employers. We are here to help grow the future of relationship-powered hiring."

- Ben Hamlin

CEO, Localwise


"Localwise is the local job community. Localwise is the place to find a local job or hire local talentWe connect local people to jobs at local businesses. At Localwise, we are on a mission to transform local hiring through the power of trusted relationships."


- 15,000+ local employers all across the US

- 200,000+ community members and active job seekers

- Find talented team members you trust within your social network

- The most intelligent AI job matching developed by our engineers

- Application transparency for both job seekers and employers

- A state-of-the-art ATS (Applicant Tracking System) built for hiring managers and owners

Vive la révolution: Are you ready to join the hiring revolution?

Localwise is transforming the job market. Now is the time to be a revolutionary! Be a part of the revolution of relationship-powered hiring whether you are a job seeker or employer. Join our local job community as we spread out across the United States and around the world. In less than a year, we have grown to over 200,000+ job seekers and 15,000+ employers. In the next year, our goal is to have a community of 1,000,000+ job seekers and 100,000+ employers. When job seekers and employers join together in something greater than themselves, revolutions are made! Vive la révolution!

Join us! Your next job or career could depend on it...

When you join Localwise, you are making the future of relationship-based hiring a reality. Finding your next job or careers hangs on your choice. Altering the future of hiring is not an easy task but when you join the revolution; you are changing the way businesses of every size and shape will hire. Every great revolution -- from the American Revolution to the Scientific Revolution -- started with people who were bold enough to be a part of a greater movement.We believe that the current job market is dysfunctional at best and we believe here at Localwise that a revolution is needed.

Our vision is to transform the current job market into one that is fueled by the people you know and the relationships that you've worked hard to build. In addition to your talent and skills, Localwise believes that your next job or career is sometimes just one friend, follower, mentor, or coworker away. By joining us, you become part of our awesome job community where a revolution is not just possible but inevitable. If you share our vision, please join the Localwise revolution!


WF: Who are you biggest competitors in the industry?

LW: Indeed and ZipRecruiter are currently the industry leaders in the job market hiring industry in the US. Surprising as it might seem Craigslist also has a significant presence in many places as well. There are also some other startups like Proven, Instawork, and Workpop who have tried to break into the industry with varying degrees of success. Localwise is the only one that is embracing relationship-based hiring as the way future.

WF: What is the plan to scale and expand the revolution?

LW: Scaling and expanding is not an easy task. The job hiring market is a highly defensible industry because to grow successfully requires a balanced yet accelerated growth of both job seekers and employers. Localwise has been growing both sides of the market exponentially and is primed to scale 5x or more in 2018.

WF: Why do you think the current job market is "dysfunctional"?

LW: Simply put the job market is a terrible experience for both job seekers and employers at the moment. According to CNN.com, "America has more job openings than ever before. There were 6 million open jobs in the United States in April, a record high, according to data released by the Labor Department Tuesday. It comes at a time when 6.8 million unemployed Americans are looking for a job." We are aiming to help employers to find more great local talent and make that staggering number drop down!

WF: When do you think "the future" of relationship-powered hiring will arrive?

LW: Believe it or not... we believe the future is here. We just need to help more people see that relationship-powered hiring is currently the best way to solve the epidemic in our job market. The Social Network and AI technology working together enables Localwise to match job seekers with employers better than ever before.

WF: Where are you trying to expand next?

LW: Localwise is in nearly every major city in the US. Currently, we aim to rapidly expand and develop a larger presence in the mid-west namely in and around Chicago.

WF: How do you plan generating revenue aka "make money"?

LW: Up till now, Localwise has been using a proven business model in the industry selling job postings to employers. We have both a la carte postings as well as a successful subscription model as well. We are planning to expand our revenue with other creative business models that will generate income from both employers and job seekers as well.

WF: What is the greatest risk? What is the greatest reward?

LW: The greatest risk is that not enough people see the value of changing the current job hiring industry and joining the revolution. However, the greatest reward and the reason why we have such a great team is that we believe the job market needs to change and that the reward outweighs the risk. We hope job seekers and employers agree with us and join us as we transform the industry.